life hacks: instead of playing the traditional wedding march when one walks down the aisle, play the pacific rim theme



people be like “are you really going to miss out on a potential friendship just because someone doesnt share your views on feminism/racism/etc.” and i’m like “ya lol”

#someone tried to tell me the other day that i had to be willing to make compromises in relationships #and i was like um yeah if you really wanna drag me to see Taken 6 or like your friend’s shitty band or paint the llving room taupe #okay i will compromise #but not??? about issues??? like race and gender inequality???? #’okay i’ll have mexican instead of thai food for dinner’ is a compromise i am willing to make #’okay we’ll go see your parents instead of mine for christmas’ #’okay we can name our child after all the dead people that you know’ #not like ‘okay so you think women should shut up about street harassment’ #not like ‘okay you’re just a LITTLE bit racist lol’ #those are not?? negotiable??????


heck yea I did


the more I think about it, the more I realize that 2009 me would be pretty scared/intimidated by 2014 me and that’s what counts


sighhhh feminism isn’t about hating all men and wanting to destroy them that’s just my own personal hobby